Authors: Eliane Wilson (text) and Motke Blum (artist) All books signed by the artist Motke Blum on the first page. Hardcover with dust jacket, 166 pages, 26.5x27 cm. London, 1990.

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This book is a paean of praise to Jerusalem, holy city of three great religions. According to the sages of the Talmud, ten measures of beauty were given to the world and nine of them alighted upon Jerusalem. Drawing on 4000 years of history, Eliane Wilson has sought the soul of this ancient city through the words of kings and prophets, chroniclers and poets, travellers and pilgrims. The words and artist Motke Blum's powerful vision are bound together in a passionate dialogue, each medium inspiring and reflecting the beauty of the other in a quest for the essence of Jerusalem, the city whence Judaism, mother faith of Christianity and Islam, bequeathed mankind the concept of ethical monotheism and the rule of moral law, fulfilling itself in a law of love.