Limited edition of 120 copies, all numbered and signed by the artist Motke Blum on the first page. One of a series of 11 books. Each cover individually designed by the artist. Edition and text by Shosh Blum. Printed on art paper, 15x15 cm. Jerusalem, 2015.

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  • Return Policy: Prints are packed in a hard roll to prevent dameges and will not be accepted back. An art piece isnt a normal product it becomes a part of your home or office and we will only accept returns if product isnt the one that was purchesed. All dameges of shipping and handelling will be covered by shipping company. we will provide a photo of the art piece apon packing to prove the condition and state of the as is art piece.

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54 Paintings, sketches and collages, in various  sizes and media, color and black and white, created over the years.